AI Solutions

Enhancing the frontiers of arthritis care using AI-based visual search

Arthritis assessment and management requires capturing signs of condition progression over time, including response to pharmacological treatment and real-world data outcomes. However, currently assessments are infrequent, expensive and have to happen face-to-face using specialized medical equipment.

Arthronica's technology eliminates the need for face-to-face expensive visits. Examinations can be conducted remotely, using any laptop or smartphone camera. This provides rapid access to data on illness progression to optimize patients recovery pathways.

Skeltal Tracking

Largest dataset produced; previous methodologies used synthetic datasets. Model trained on a dataset of one million fully labelled frames to increase the accuracy of skeletal tracking – training of the model secured by a patent in process.

Force Sensing Vision

We are solving the problem of estimating realistic contact forces (human pressure against object during manipulation) without sensors. In our pipeline there is the validation of novel model to measure force, using vision alone.

3D CAD Modelling

Reconstruction of the 3D CAD model to measure swelling. Arthritic patients present swollen hands that get better with medication, tracking such changes allows assessment of disease progression.

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