Portable Visual Biomarkers

Artificial Intelligence for Patient Monitoring and Rehabilitation

AI Solutions

Enhancing Frontiers of Care Delivery 
in Arthritis using AI-based Visual Search

Arthronica's technology eliminates the need for face-to-face expensive visits. It can be conducted remotely, using any laptop or smartphone camera. This provides rapid access to data on illness progression to optimize patient recovery pathways.

Skeletal Tracking

Real time 3D motion capture to identify the range of motion for each individual joint

Force Sensing Vision

Sensor-less approach for accurately estimating contact forces

3D CAD Modelling

3D CAD model to measure swelling allowing for measurement of disease progression


Image Analysis

Extract from visual biomarkers from photographic images to demonstrate disease progression

Video Analysis

Provides continuous analytics on vision, be it pre-recorded or in real time

Arthronica's validation algorithms monitor and predict key disease activities in chronic rheumatic conditions.

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